The Only CBD 
Believes in Bringing You The Highest
Quality CBD!

The Only CBD is an American made and a company you can trust! Bringing you high quality and affordable CBD infused products! By targeting everyone’s needs specifically, we create individual relationships with our customers when needed! We have one mission, to help as many people as we can!

We think it’s important you know how and why The Only CBD was created….Founders, Cody Chastain and Charlotte Clarkson decided PTSD and the alarming rate of daily suicides is what sparked our need and want to get into the CBD industry. Cody was given a sample of CBD while owning and operating his E Cigarette store in Florida. He had incredible relief. After 10 years in the Army with multiple combat tours to Iraq, getting relief from CBD was a miracle! Cody and Charlotte knew that something had to be done! With a national average of 22 soldiers a day committing suicide in America due to PTSD, we knew something had to be done. Working directly with combat veterans we found CBD to be extremely helpful. Headaches decreasing, flashbacks happening less and being less intense, night terrors getting better and fewer, anxiety and depression getting less. This alone was a wake up to us that if soldiers would get this kind of relief from CBD, who else would?

During extensive market research we realized that we were extremely disappointed. Disappointed for two reasons, one in the products on the market. The other the companies selling the products. This is what lead us to making our own products! Currently The Only CBD offers two different products. Char’s Oil, is a CBD infused Hemp Oil. The second, Char’s Cream which is a CBD infused all natural pharmaceutical grade transdermal Cream! We have new products in the works, including ones for our 4 legged family members! We also have a new recipe for our CBD infused E Liquid for Vaping coming soon!  

Quality is our number one standard! Because of the amount of “full spectrum” or “full plant” products on the market, we think it’s important for you to know how we extract our CBD from Hemp. Yes, HEMP, NOT MARIJUANA. There are two very important things you should know about The Only CBD. One, we do NOT believe in chemicals. Our CBD is extracted using a cold rolled press method. Simply put, ice and water are used to extract the CBD molecule out of the plant. Not CO2, no butane or anything else. We believe this is a much cleaner and safer way to do it! The second very important thing about The Only CBD, is our products contain ONLY CBD. Many companies extract all 85+ Cannabinoids when making their products. Although CBD is not the ONLY beneficial molecule out of the 85+ Cannabinoids, it has been shown to be the most over all beneficial. This is the reason we extract ONLY CBD, and do it in the cleanest possible way!

We offer an analysis on our website. This is because we want you to know exactly how clean our CBD is! We also want to be completely upfront and honest when we show that we have absolutely no other Cannabinoids present in our products. That means, NO THC! NONE!

When doing our extensive market research we realized that a lot of the CBD “tinctures” on the market were flavored, dark and bitter tasting, in alcohol or a honey base. We chose to do none of the above. Char’s Oil is a CBD infused Hemp Oil. We chose Hemp Oil over coconut, or any other oil for two reasons. Primarily the natural health benefits of Hemp Oil! Did you know that Hemp Oil naturally contains Omega 3’s and 6’s? Not only that, it also contains all the Amino Acids our bodies need, including the ones we don’t make ourselves! Thar right there was enough for us to say, put it in Hemp Oil! The second reason is because our CBD is extracted from Hemp Oil, they pair together perfectly! We searched far and wide to find the cleanest, purest Hemp Oil available! Char’s Oil is almost completely clear and has little to no taste! For this reason, we felt no need to change it. There is no flavor added to mask any taste, because honestly, there isn’t much of a taste.

Char’s Cream is unlike any other cream on the CBD market. We call it Cream, because we refuse to label it as a “topical”. When using the word topical, it means that it is something applied to the surface, in this case the skin. Our Cream is not just a topical. Yes, it is applied to the surface of the skin, however it goes much deeper than that. Having an all natural pharmaceutical grade base, allows the CBD to travel all the way to the bloodstream. This makes Char’s Cream very very unique! You can apply the Cream all over the body for so many different reasons. A few being; pain, cramps, bruise, swelling, acne, headaches, even anxiety and depression. We currently have lots of customers who use it in conjunction with Char’s Oil for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Essential Tremors, Fibromyalgia and MS! To assure anyone who is wondering, Char’s Cream contains none of the following; gluten, dairy, corn,  and animal byproducts. It is the all natural base, CBD and essential oils! Currently the Cream comes in a mild mint scent, but please contact if you would like it with no scent!

The goal is to help and educate as many people as possible. For more information or questions please EMAIL

To get to know each of the three Founders better and more in-depth. Please click on of the links below to take you to there page. That will tell you there personal stories. And what has led them on this great adventure of being able to offer such amazing products


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